Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Target Population Needs at JHUSON Primary Care Clinic Case Study

Target Population Needs at JHUSON Primary C be Clinic - Case Study ExampleIn addition, the two years support by a philanthropist and the offer by Microsoft for both hardware and software installations as opportunities. On the other hand, one threat is the daily force-out experienced in the area.One social factor playing out from this case study is that only 50% of the people in this location are enrolled in some medical insurance. In effect, another 50% of the population has no form of medical insurance. On the other hand, there is a broad(prenominal) case put forward concerning expected emergency cases in the hospital influenced by the violence cases. In addition, there is a prevalence of respiratory diseases, immature pregnancy, personal and intergenerational drug and alcohol use in the neighbourhood. Observing these facts, which could bring emergency medical cases, ensures that the facility will be wary of emergency cases and thence avoid Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986 violations (Smith, 2002 Strickler, 2006).According to a Harris Poll conducted in 2002, most Americans preferred hospitals that had nurses with speciality evidence (Advanced Practice Nursing Roles, n.d.). Therefore, with this external opportunity will help JHUSON employ nurses that were specialists in the common illnesses in the neighbourhood. In this regard, the neighbourhood will feel galosh in the hands of specialists.Another external opportunity related to JHUSONs tune plan concerns the use of health information technology. With its quest of having the service a model for future HIT-enabled inner-city community-based models of care, JHUSON stands to benefit. The government has federal financial incentives to the health service providers that make meaningful use of the electronic method of keeping health records (Jha, DesRoches, Kralovec & Joshi, 2010).Thus, with the business tailored to come with a benefactor in a HIT in the form of Microsoft, the JHUSON ser vice will stand to benefit in ground of financial initiatives offered to HIT users by the government.

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