Friday, October 18, 2019

Religion and Violence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Religion and Violence - Essay Example It primarily aims to discipline people and encourage them to cohabit harmoniously within the framework of certain codes of social conduct. Besides, throughout human history, it has remained a major influence in determining the social and political structure of nations across the world. Religions, in general, seek the well being of humans and spread the messages of universal brotherhood and love, peace and harmony. Prophets in every cult have emphasized the need of spirituality and implored their followers to have sympathy for fellow beings. However, throughout human history, one comes across wars among different sects of people in the name of religion. In the modern world, in which humans have become a sophisticated species, bloodshed in the name of religion still prevails obviously due to misconceptions about religion. The instances of violence, in the name of religion, that characterize everyday life in the modern society, rather tend to substantiate the hypothesis that religion do es cause violence. The Jihad, which the Muslim radicals consider as a Holy War against nonbelievers, has become an excuse for some members of that community to indulge in terrorist activities against the US and other non-Muslim nations. According to them, their war is for justice that they have to wage against the nonbelievers to adhere to Allah’s wish. ... The reason, according to Osama Bin Laden, was to warn America of the support it extends to the Jewish community which has resulted in the oppression of their Muslim brethren in Israel. He has further threatened that the war would continue until justice is restored to the Muslim community, which is being â€Å"tortured and assaulted† by the Jews. (Motives for 9/11 Terrorist Attacks). The bombings in London on July 7, 2005, which claimed â€Å"52 lives and injured 700 people† is yet another instance of violence perpetrated by the Al Qaeda, in the name of religion (London Bombers Staged ‘Dummy Run’). The motive behind this mission, according to Osama, has been to â€Å"take revenge against the British Zionist Crusader Government† for the atrocities committed by them in Iraq and Afghanistan (Quinn par. 5). The problem of violence in the name of religion does not confine to the West alone. In the Orient, the strained relationship between India and Pakista n, apart from border controversies, can also be attributed to the difference in the major religious faiths in both countries. There have been many instances of terrorist attacks in India and in most cases, the allegations indicate the involvement of Pakistani citizens or the radical Muslim outfits based in or operating out of Pakistan. The most significant of such episodes is the terrorist attack in Mumbai, which lasted for almost four days from November 26 to November 29, 2008. An Indian author, B. Raman, in his book titled â€Å"Mumbai 26/11: A Day of Infamy,† suggests that the Indian Mujahidin tout their attack on India as the â€Å"war of civilization between the Muslims and the infidels† (Raman 17). This

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