Thursday, May 9, 2019

Indigenous Culture Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Indigenous Culture - Coursework exemplarKunz & Vibha (2008) explain that the Naga tribe were traditionally hunters and gathers. They lived on hilltops and therefore enjoyed a vantage position, which they in turn employ to raid other communities in the plains. They carried out systematic raids for cattle and food. With time, they began farming and rearing livestock. This way, farming became their briny pattern of subsistence. The various tribes of the Naga people have egalitarian societies. They live in villages that are closely-knit units (Stirn & Peter, 2008). The units comprise of clans and families that get hitched with thereby strengthening their villages. Families in the Naga close were monogamous with nine considering fidelity to spouses a major virtue. The goal does not permit people to marry from their own clans. The culture considers such unions as incest and therefore encourages inter-clan marriages. The Naga culture is a preliterate culture owing to the lack of writ ing abilities of the populace.The Naga people had erratic religious beliefs that include the worship of ancestors and a supernatural being. They believed that their ancestors protected them and therefore invested in appeasing the spirits of the ancestors. They offered animal and lick sacrifices with some people dropping portions to the ground before they eat with the view to appeasing the spirits. As explained earlier, the Naga people have a warrior tradition with the societys youth joining a class of warriors who traditionally raided neighboring societies. The societies are patriarchal and the family is the basic social unit. Respect for fathers among other male elders in the society is paramount with women having distinctive roles. The culture expects women to show both obedience and humility to their men. The culture had a unique attire with the mans clothing remaining distinctive. Mens clothing

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