Sunday, May 5, 2019

Tourism Industry Trends Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Tourism industriousness Trends - Essay ExampleInitially, closely hoteliers and investors in the tourism industry thought that most consumers were not free to pay for a premium car parks service. This is major(ip) because of the high costs attached to these health-assuring services. However, if the developments in mainland China are anything to go by, and especially considering the current environmental situation in Shanghai city, more and more consumers are even willing to pay double for the same service as long as it comes with the green concept in mind. The customers want to go green and to avoid the health hazards of living in an environment full of carbon gases and the thorny issue of the ever-increasing global warming, which has significant indices and effects in China.As such, most hoteliers in Shanghai are attracting more consumers than ever especially if the consumer realizes that they are adopting green practices. Some of the green practices adopted by these hoteliers in clude using the solar energy instead of coal for warming room and heating the water, using energy saving bulbs, recycling waste and sewerage water, and, adopting technology as a tool of communication instead of using printed papers for printing in an effort to save the trees and forests from extinction. This is major because China is the leading country in the world in industrialization, but its fast pace in industrial growth has detrimental effects on its environment. As such, the country has to conserve and guard greedily its forests reserves in order to have a countermeasure.

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