Thursday, May 30, 2019

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From the many inventions that emerged from the American Civil War, the Ironclad, designed by Captain John Ericsson and Robert L. Stevens, has impacted the world by advancing naval warf ar technology. It gave America more influence in europium and put America ahead of Europe in naval matters. The impact and influence changed naval warfares constantly by forcing wooden ships to become obsolete. The Ironclad was among the first technological and modern tools of war. Its impact on technology in navies can still be seen like a shot in the designs and the construction of naval ships.(Mac Bride,1) It has impacted technology in the way ships are built. Because of the brassbounds the ships that are used in wars today are much safer. They are stronger and easier to maneuver. The first ironclad to ironclad battle between the Merrimac and the Monitor was long and drawn out. Although neither one emerged victorious, the world began to see what a major melioration in warfare these ironclads we re. A reporter from the Norfolk Day wrote This work will create a revolution in naval warfare. Americas improvement has impacted naval history in a way that no other invention ever has (Davis,135) Many times in unify States history the major nations of the world, such as England, France and Germany, have ignored the United States in political matters but this invention and the ironclad to ironclad battle changed a large percentage of their attitudes toward the United States. It made America become feared and respected by large European nations and all the major nations looked at this invention with pure respect and awe. (Love,29) The invention of the ironclad has helped to push America higher on the ladder to becoming a major world power and to be included in major decisions of the world. The ironclads caused a long range of reaction in navies and gave America a push for the influence they wanted in Europe. Many say that the invention of the ironclad is rather possibly one of the chief reasons for the continued existence of the United States. (Mac Bride,43) In the past people have often thought of naval ships as just tools of war. Many never considered that a ship could be useful in improving foreign policy and in pushing for American influence, but when Europe heard about this invention they began to realize that America had an adequate navy and the largest and finest destroyers in the world.

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