Friday, August 30, 2019

Natural Disaster Responses in California

For years, geologists have been predicting that a major earthquake will occur in california. In october 1989, a 7.1 quake hit the san francisco area. Five years later, northridge and southern california experienced an earthquake of similar magnitude. Why too many people is still coming to places like california where earthquakes and natural disasters are predicted? In my point of view, these are the strongest reasons: the most popular place to emmigrate, job opportunities, and better schools, education, and systems. California is the most popular place to emmigrate because it has a great weather, there are too many touristic atractions, many different places you can go to, and there is too many people that come from the same place you came from. I want to use mexican people as an example, they all come for one reason, â€Å"Succed†. They also know they will find a lot of people from mexico in california, specially in los angeles.They also kown that probably about half of the people california would talk spanish so I won†t be really hard for them to communicate with others. Job opportunities is another really strong factor that induces people to come and look for a better life. There are so many jobs in california that is almost a sure thing that anyone would get a job, educated or not educated people, or even if you are not legally able to work in usa you will still get a job. You can easily support yourself with a minimun wage, because you will probably get about 45 or 50 dollards a day when in places like mexico you will just get five dollards for the whole day and doing a really heavy job. Also relatively speaking, everything is expensive in mexico, I mean, here you can get or buy whatever you need for a low price, and you will still have some money left, but in mexico, you will never have enough money unless you are in the high class. â€Å"Schools,† california has great schools, great education level, and better systems than other places. Ucla and usc are some of the great universities california has and if you think about it, everything is related, if you go to a good school and become a really educated person, you will get a really good job and make really good money and then you won†t really worry about a good future because with your education that wiil be garranty. Scientist, doctors, and some other educated people come to usa, not only to california because of all technology that is here and can be helpul. A lot of support from schools, people, and business are another reasons teat encourages you to keep going and get better everyday, and if one day you decide to go back to the place you came from your education will open lots of doors for you. In my personal point of view, I think some people are aware of the disasters that are predicted, some others don†t care or just don†t believe it, nad the other part just come to make some money and come back to their native places. It is a true fact that so many people is still coming to california and when you hear about those things that are predicted, I†m sure you ask yourself why do people still come if they are aware of what†S going on? , well if you think about it I†m sure you will come out with almoist the same answers I just told.

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