Monday, August 26, 2019

Theory and Practice of Successful Entrepreneurship Case Study

Theory and Practice of Successful Entrepreneurship - Case Study Example Henry Ford helped Americans In solving many problems that were related to industrialization. His main dream was to enhance peace in the world by creating good relation among nations.   Bringing Henry’s statement to a real-life situation, it seems to make sense because industrialization is somehow connected to civilization and civilization, in this case, means a high level of literacy.   According to the research carried out over the last ten years, it is evidently true that the main cause of war is idleness. For instance, the issue of unemployment tends to serve as a major threat to the economic status of a country.   The jobless will always clutch at anything o earn a living and this is what has led to an increase in crime rates following the statistics of various countries. Industrialization may also lead to the establishment of various businesses hence providing employment opportunities to the jobless. Looking at the various entrepreneurship activities and strategies, there is a certain barrier in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Henry being an entrepreneur, his statement can be proved true through looking at some of the enterprenual activities in both the past and present. Over the past few years, there has been a sort of re-evaluation of the whole concept of entrepreneurship all that it takes for someone to become one. Authorities and governments in various places have recognized the necessity and the importance of nurturing entrepreneurs. Many governments, across the world, have come to discover the vital role entrepreneurs play in the political, economic and social welfare of citizens or a nation as a whole. In the U.K. for instance, business enterprises are the main drivers of the economy and that is why UK government has come up with policies that target entrepreneurs in a bid to improve the economic performance of their government. Entrepreneurial activity and minds are vital to building a stable and sustainable economy. This can be explained in so many ways, for instance, it creates job opportunities, growth and makes the currency stronger. A number of things do contribute to increasing entrepreneurial activities in a country and in the developi ng of an entrepreneurial economy. The UK Government is so determined to promote  Ã‚   enterprises particularly those activities which aim at achieving economic goals and those that also aim at increasing the productivity of the UK as an economic block.

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