Saturday, April 20, 2019

Government Contracts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Government Contracts - Essay ExampleThe topics in this process include the persons who will be involved, how the process will be structured and where the real negotiations will take place. In the same way, the craft has to outline the whole process of government contracting and come up with an effective way on how to approach it (Stein, 2011).It is normally realized that participating in government contracts involves a lot of bureaucracy and a lot of procedures which must always be adhered to by the business. All these factors must be known before in order for the process to be effective. In any case, government contracts normally attract several(prenominal) parties and competition is therefore very stiff. The organization therefore needs to get acquainted with all the trading operations of the government relating to contracting. In the same way, every government contract comes with a series of rules and regulations which must be well understood. As a result, it is important to co nduct the pre-negotiation in order to ensure that everything is taken into estimate and nothing remains unattended. Without conducting pre-negotiations, it is normally seen that negotiations atomic number 18 bound to fail or become counterproductive. The process helps in reducing much of the conflicts that are normally realized in the actual negotiations process (Alston, 2005).Considering the importance of pre-negotiations antecedent to engaging in government contracts, it is normally viewed as part of the negotiations. Like the actual negotiation, pre-negotiation is normally conducted in specific submits in order to realize the objectives. The first stage involves definition of the problem the second stage involves showing commitment to the negotiation while the third stage involves arrangement of the negotiation process. The participants of the actual negotiations are selected in the pre-negotiation stages and the boundaries of the actual negotiations are also effectively dema rcated in the process. Most importantly, the agenda for the

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