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Youth Connexions Literature review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Youth Connexions - Literature reexamination ExampleConnexions link the work of the government departments with those of the voluntary and private sector groups and the careers and youth services. All the erect and services that are needed by the progeny people during their teenage years are brought in concert by Connexions (Bekaert 2005, p165). In the year 2003/2004, close to 3.6 interventions were made with the young people. By March 2004, nearly 100,000 teenagers vulcanized 16 18 years left the Not in Education Employment or teach group and entered training, a job with training or education (Department for Work and Pensions 2004). Connexions provide practical financial aid in the choosing the right careers and courses. It also offers access to a number of ain development activities such as volunteering activities, performing arts, and sport. Advice and assistance is also provided on issues such as homelessness, sexual health, and drug abuse. Connexions provide an all(a) in clusive support to the young people. A personal adviser is made available to these young people. The personal advisers have different roles depending on the need of the young person. Some are career advisers and others it is personal adviser who provides an in-depth support to the young person, and to help them in the identification of learning barriers and find solutions and gain access to a more specialist support. The personal adviser works in a number of settings such as colleges, community centres, one-stop shops, on an outreach basis, and schools (Bekaert 2005, p165). Connexions has its own website that has all the information for the personal advisers and other professionals this is the study website for the Connexions. A national Connexions website for the young people also exists. Another website for Connexions is the Connexions Direct and it assists the user with information and advice in regard to issues such as housing, health, career and learning options, relationship s with friends and family, activities to participate, and money. The local anesthetic Connexions companionships website also exists (Bekaert 2005, p165). thither are proposals to sustain Connexions in regions where its functioning is good and there are still indications that the guidance and support provided by Connexions is supposed to go local as much as possible. The responsibility for organizing the focus of the services in regard to working with the young people should have a coherent and holistic response approach and should lie within the upcoming of the Childrens Trusts (Hine and Wood 2009, p177). The Connexions Strategy The proposal for the Connexions strategy was signed in 2000 by the Prime see and 7 Cabinet Ministers. The intention of the strategy is to coordinate policy in a number of partner agencies they include colleges, training providers, schools, drug action teams, employers, leaving care teams, social service, the youth service, teenage maternity coordinators , and the voluntary sector. The original aim of the strategy is to offer support service to all 13 19 year olds through a system of personal advisers the services are delivered by multi-agency teams (Roche 2004, p97). The Connexions Service There are around 47 Connexions partnerships that cover England. Each of the Connexions partnership has an extensive workforce that works at one time with the young people. The workforce is composed of professional qualified personal advisers and delivery staff who work on a lower floor the supervision of the qualified professional personal advisers. The main focus of the Connexions service is the young people and their primary objective is the promotion of the welfare of the young people (Great Britain

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