Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sustainable Management Futures Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Sustainable Man termment Futures - Essay ExampleThe soundbox discloses business is not only concerned for profit generation motive but atomic exit 18 also concerned about society and environment and belief in sustainable growth. The Body let out has their community suppliers. at that place ar around 31 community trade related suppliers in 24 countries. Their commitment is towards trading fairly and purchasing ingredients through Community Trade Programs. They provide preference to rustic areas to become the member of the community trade for the growth of economy. The motive of community trading is to provide descent and to build their livelihood (The Body Shop, 2006). The Body Shop International Plc is a natural, original and ethical augmentative brand. All the products of The Body Shop are vegetarian. The company is against animal testing and is recognized as the early international cosmetics brand that was Against Animal Testing policy. The Body Shop Foundation was launch ed in the year 1990 with a registered charity number. It is the companys own charitable foundation which specially focuses to help those who believe in development of the society (The Body Shop, 2011). . PESTEL Analysis PESTEL analysis enables to identify macro environmental aspects that generally are seen as prime drivers for change. The Body Shop has a global presence in number of countries passim the world. In this context, the situational analysis of The Body Shop will be conducted with respect to the UK scenario. In the UK, the physical compositions that operate in the cosmetic industry extradite to abide by the ISO 22716 safety related standards which had been published on February 2010. The organisation such as The Body Shop has to select the specification that they come under from this certificate. In the UK, organisations have to abide by international trade policy to import and export their products. In upstart propagation there has been an increase in the demand for online products. The government as well as the industry of the UK has back up the scheme related to trust mark, which has significantly helped in increasing the demand for online purchases. The exchange rates in the UK have been fluctuating with respect to Pound and also in the various countries from which the company acquires its raw materials. It has impact in raising the import cost of raw materials as well as finish products. There has been an increase in VAT (Value Added Tax) to 20% in 2010, which has prompted an increase in daily commodity prices and would shave the consumers from purchasing cosmetics related products. In the UK, high labour cost has been a concern in recent times which obstructed the company from fully exploring their global strategies. In the UK, the percentage of people in the age group of 65 to 85 is increasing, which would provide an opportunity of increasing sales regarding the anti-aging cosmetics. In the year 2012, the capital of the United Kingdom Olympic Games will provide an option to create increased awareness of the products of the company among the huge number of visitors in the UK. The growing trend of natural products that are environment friendly will provide The Body Shop a massive growth prospect as the

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